Temple Shalom

First Class AV is proud to unveil Temple Shalom's new Planar LED Video Walls!

After nearly 3 months of careful construction, First Class Audio Video has completed construction of two new 9 foot by 15 foot wide Temple Shalom Planar video walls!

Planar is a global leader for LED video wall solutions – the enormous LED video boards at the American Airelines Center and Texas Motor Speedway are just two examples of their supeior quality.

Temple Shalom’s new video board features cutting edge MGP series 1.8 milimeter pixel pitch – allowing for invisible pixels from 10 feet and beyond. This allows for a crystal clear picture for all viewers, superior in every way to traditional projection.

First Class Audio Visual Delivers

The days of simple co-ax cables RCA plus have come and gone. Technology has moved forward, and your AV needs are now firmly grounded in the 21st century. David Green, owner and lead technician of First Class AV, began his trade in the days when DVD players were the latest and greatest in home theater tech. Over 20 years – and a few technological revolutions later – and David’s skills and eye for quality installation have only grown. Through it all, David and First Class AV have kept their core principles intact – designing the best system for each customer. From multiple screen TV installations to extensive outdoor audio projects his straightforward approach to challenging technical installs has produced successful systems across the North Texas area. First Class AV’s professional crew delivers the highest quality in installations and repairs for everyone’s AV needs!